At Dr. Hemp Me Malta, we stock a range of top-quality food and health supplements to meet the needs of all our customers.

From turmeric to evening primrose oil, natural sugar alternatives and more, we offer a variety of healthy options to choose from.

What are Supplements?
Food or dietary supplements are edible additions to any balanced diet. They aim to supplement rather than replace the vitamin and mineral elements in a person’s food diet.

People choose to supplement with our products for a variety of reasons. Some discover through medical assistance that they are deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral.

Others through their own research wish to add more of a particular supplement to their daily food intake. Finally, those following more restricted diets due to health reasons or personal food choices can benefit from the addition of particular dietary supplements.
Where Can I Buy Health Food Supplements in Malta?
Here at Dr. Hemp Me we have a wide range of food supplements for you to choose from. Order online via our e-commerce store and delivery is next day on the island.

The order process is simple & you don’t even have to leave your front door! Our website shop is mobile-friendly so that you can order all supplements and CBD products on the go.
How Long do they Take to Work?
Supplements are not like medication in that they don’t ‘work’ immediately or within a standard amount of time. Food or dietary supplements are an addition to a food diet and need time to build up an internal, working supply in the body.

All supplements, in order to work to their full potential, should be taken daily to ensure they are contributing to the user’s daily food intake. They are an added extra to your meals!

Allow at least 4 weeks, often more, to feel the full benefits of any supplement. As with all food supplements, consistency is key.

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