An honest recommendation, in our eyes, is the highest compliment.

In order to thank our customers and welcome new friends into our community of CBD enthusiasts, we created the Refer a Friend program.

Want to earn €20 euro to use against future orders?

You can easily, by referring a friend to us. Plus your chosen person earns €10!

Why wait any longer?

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It’s easy! You can start earning & sharing rewards today:

Register | Log In: You must have an account with us in order to take part in our Refer a Friend program. Create an account on our account page if you don’t already have one. Log into your account if you are already a community member.

Visit the Points Section: After logging in, visit the Points section of your account.

Find Custom Referral Link: You can find a custom referral link created just for you to give to a friend in the Points section.

Send to Friends: Share this custom link with your friend(s). They can click on this link to learn more about our selection of high-quality products & to buy . 

Earn Cash: In addition to the points they earn on their first purchase, your friend will receive a bonus of €10 (1500 points) & your will get a bonus of €20 (3000 points) for each friend who uses your referral link to make a purchase.

The Benefits: These points can be redeemed for cash discounts on our extensive selection of products, enhancing the value of your journey to wellness.

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You receive 0.0066 euros for each point you earn. One Euro is equal to 150 points, to put it another way. You can save more money on your subsequent purchases the more points you accumulate!


Sharing the road to wellness with a friend is the most fulfilling experience. In addition to helping others experience the joy of wellness, our Refer a Friend program also pays you for doing so.

Each of you benefits when you refer a friend. You receive €20 (3000 points) and your friend receives €10 (1500 points) in addition to points on their first purchase.

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