Dr. Hemp Me CBD Oil for Pets is available in 3 different concentrations. The one you choose for your dog or cat depends on the weight of your animal and in some cases the potency you would like to give your pet.

The 2.5% CBD Oil for Pets contains 250mg of CBD and is suitable for all small dogs and cats. The weight bracket for this strength is 0kg – 20kg.

The 5% CBD Oil for Pets contains 500mg of CBD and is suitable for most medium, or average sized dogs. The weight bracket for this option is 21kg – 50kg.

The 10% CBD Oil for Pets contains 1000mg of CBD and is suited to larger animals including large dogs, horses or even farm animals. The weight bracket for this option is 51kg & over.

Of course if you animal is on the threshold of another weight bracket then it is best to go with the higher strength option as you will use less drops the higher the concentration of CBD. This means your product will last longer as less drops are needed for a higher dose daily.

How Much does One Bottle of CBD for Pets Cost?

Our CBD Pet Products range from the affordable price of €22.95 – €59.95.

One 2.5% Bottle – €22.95

One 5%    Bottle    – €32.95

One 10%  Bottle  – €59.95

The option you choose for your dog or cat depends on the size of the animal. Smaller pets are ideally suited to our 2.5% option while medium sized animals are better suited to 5% oil. The 10% concentration is made for large animals or those who wish to give one concentrated drop per day instead of many lower strength ones.
Is CBD Available in Malta?
Yes! We operate Dr. Hemp Me Malta from our base right here on the island. All orders must be placed online, and we will deliver them to you next day once your order is made on a working day!

CBD is legal to purchase, sell and use daily as a food or dietary supplement in Malta once the THC content is less than 0.2%. All our products contain THC within this limit or have none at all.
Do Vets Approve of this for Dogs?
CBD is categorised as a food supplement only, for both humans and animals. For this reason vets do not prescribe or generally advise people on CBD for pets as it is not recognised as something medicinal.

However that is not to say that some vets may be in favour of using CBD oil for pets as a natural, hemp-derived additive to their diet. If you are concerned about using CBD for your dog or cat alongside long-term medication then it is best to speak with your vet first.
Do you Need a Prescription for CBD for Animals?
No! As mentioned above there is no need for a prescription for CBD Pet Oil as this cannabinoid which comes from hemp is recognised as a food supplement only. You can purchase everything we have to offer in terms of CBD pet supplements right here at Dr. Hemp Me Malta. We are a one stop shop for all your hemp supplement needs, catering for humans, dogs, cats and others in your home.
Is CBD a Safe Experience for Older Dogs?
Yes, CBD is generally safe for older dogs, though there are a few things to keep in mind. One, CBD is something which may be more potent in older dogs, so start with a lower dose and increase gradually as needed.

Second, always monitor your pet when starting them out on a new supplement. Monitor your dog closely for any changes in appetite or bathroom habits. If you have any concerns, reduce the dosage or cease use, and speak to your veterinarian.

Your dog’s CBD experience may not be the same as other people and their pets. Just like CBD use for humans, people have varying tolerances. For more information and testimonials visit our verified Trustpilot page.
How Many Drops Should I Give my Pet?
This depends entirely on the CBD Oil you choose to use for your pet. Take a look below at the dose options for all 3 of our concentrations:

2.5% Concentration – 6 drops per day given one or two doses

5% Concentration    –  4 drops per day in one single dose

10% Concentration  –  3 drops per day in one single dose
What are the Benefits of Pet Oil?
We cannot make any claims regarding the health effects of any CBD products, for pets or humans as Cannabidiol is classed as a food or dietary supplement.

As a result we do not endorse our products for health benefits including inflammation, cancer, joint mobility, allergies, calming nerves or anxiety from noise like fireworks or others.
How Do I Give my Pet Cannabidiol?
There are a number of ways to supplement your pet’s diet with CBD. One way is to add the recommended number of drops into a main meal, either morning or evening.

Another way is by dropping onto a dog or cat treat and allowing to soak in before giving to the animal. Finally if your pet is extra fussy, you can always drop the dose onto your finger and massage the oil onto their skin – the underside of one paw is a good area to apply it.

What are the ingredients?
The ingredients are similar but not the same as CBD for people. You will find the main ingredient in the name of the product which is CBD. This is present in the oil as hemp extract. The second and only other ingredient on the list is salmon oil which acts as a carrier oil for the cannabinoid content.

We organic hemp extract to add beneficial cannabinoids to your pet’s supplement combined with a little something extra for flavor – Salmon Oil. These are the only two ingredients!
Where Should I Store a Cannabidiol Tincture for Dogs?
Place your Pet oil tincture in a cupboard at home or any cool, dark place. Keep the supplement in the kitchen for easy access at mealtimes for your pet. That way you won’t forget to add the supplement each day to a meal or treat!
6 Facts About Cannabidiol for Dogs
1. CBD oil for dogs is legal in Malta.
2. CBD is a natural remedy for many common ailments in dogs.
3. CBD oil for dogs is safe for long-term use.
4. CBD is effective in treating anxiety, pain, and seizures in dogs.
5. Cannabidiol is non-addictive and does not interact with other medications your dog may be taking.
6. CBD oil for dogs is typically well-tolerated, with few side effects.

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