CBG oil is a type of oil that is derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is similar to CBD oil, but it contains a higher concentration of CBG (Cannabigerol), another one of the many cannabinoids found in hemp.

Just like CBD Oil, CBG Oil is made by extracting cannabinoids from hemp and combining them with a carrier oil like hemp seed oil to create the finished product.

Which Should I Choose CBG or CBD?

This is completely up to the user and comes down to personal preference. CBD or Cannabidiol is the most well-known cannabinoid besides THC and is more popular than CBG right now.

CBG is newer to the cannabis supplement scene and so, is gaining fans gradually in comparison. If you are unsure it is best to some research on both of these cannabis cannabinoids online or ask questions in forums to determine the best option for you.

In our CBG Oil product there are small amounts of Cannabidiol (CBD) naturally. This is because our CBD formula is made using full-spectrum cannabis extract and contains all cannabinoids in the plant. The majority of the cannabinoid content in this product is CBG.

What Does Full-Spectrum CBG Mean?

This terms refers to the full-spectrum (all) cannabinoids being present in the supplement. So if you choose a full-spectrum option like our CBD Oil tincture, you get all cannabinoids found in hemp in the formula, including legal trace levels of THC.

These are also referred to as whole plant CBG products and contain less than 0.2% THC content.

What do you Use CBG Oil for?

CBG oil is a food or dietary supplement which people choose to add to their diet for a variety of reasons and desired effects.

As a CBD brand we cannot make any claims or recommendations for its use besides as a food supplement. This is because CBG is not seen as having any medicinal benefits officially. The effect of a food supplement will always vary from person to person.

What does CBG do to your body?

CBG interacts with the Endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body. The ECS consists of cannabinoid receptors, Endocannabinoids, and enzymes.

Endocannabinoids are endogenous (produced by the body) ligands that bind to cannabinoid receptors and modulate neurotransmission. The two best-studied Endocannabinoids are anandamide and 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG).

CBG binds to the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, which are expressed in the brain and throughout the body. CB1 receptors are primarily located in the central nervous system, while CB2 receptors are found in the peripheral nervous system.

How to Take this Cannabis Supplement?

Our CBG supplement is sold in a tincture which is a glass bottle with a dropper attached for dosage. Fill the dropper by squeezing the top. Place the recommended number of drops under the tongue and hold here for at least 90 seconds before swallowing.

It is important to be consistent with any dietary supplement and CBD products are no different. Daily dosage for the first few weeks of supplementation is key to building up a supply of cannabinoids in the body.

Why is Hemp-Derived Oil Dropped Under the Tongue?

CBG oil is dropped under the tongue because in this way it allows for quick and easy absorption into the bloodstream. Additionally, it bypasses the digestive system, which can break down and degrade the active compounds in the oil.

Sublingual administration also allows for higher bioavailability, meaning that more of the active compounds are available for the body to use in this way.

Will CBG Show on a Drug Test?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the specific drug test used, the cutoff levels for the test, and the individual’s metabolism.

However, as CBG is a minor cannabinoid and is not typically the target of drug tests, it is unlikely to show up on tests.

Is it Safe to Take Cannabigerol Every Day?

Yes it is perfectly safe to use CBG drops daily as part of a balanced diet. All hemp-derived cannabinoids are non-toxic and non-addictive which means they are an ideal addition to your daily routine.

In fact it is recommended to use CBG oil on a regular basis to get the most out of your supplement over time! For more information or ask any questions simply visit our instant chat messenger today.