CBD Lab Tests

Our brand motto is ‘Transparency & Trust’. This guarantee is backed up by three-way product testing and maintaining an open and honest relationship with our customers.

Dr. Hemp Me’s CBD uses rigorous testing methods before putting products on the market to ensure the best quality CBD supplements. JHG Analysis, an industry leader in Hemp and Cannabinoid testing in Ireland and Europe, conducts our testing.

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What does Dr. Hemp Me look for in his tests?

All of our CBD products undergo standard testing for cannabis content. We then take it a step further by testing for metals as well as chemicals and pesticides.

We keep our clients informed by updating our lab test findings whenever a new batch of CBD is released and tested. This ensures that the customer is fully informed of what they are purchasing and consuming on a daily basis.

We believe that in order to reap the full benefits of CBD oil, all cannabinoids must be present. The Entourage Effect is caused by a combination of cannabinoids known as full-spectrum CBD.

How do I analyze the results of a laboratory test?

The results will differ from one product to the next. A full-spectrum CBD product, for example, will display all cannabinoids present in the oil, including CBD, CBG, THC, CBDa, and others.

You’ll know this formula isn’t full spectrum if you see a lab test report that just shows CBD cannabinoids only. The CBD product’s authenticity and purity should then be questioned.

A broad-spectrum product will contain all cannabinoids except THC, which is removed during the extraction process for CBD Oils and edibles in this category.

Finally, keep an eye out for terpenes listed in a lab report. Terpenes are present if the manufacturer claims that the product is full-spectrum or broad-spectrum in nature. If the product is created with CBD Isolate, however, the report will not provide a terpene profile. On each report, the terpene profile is measured in parts per million!