Our company began as a vision and now stands as a distinguished, reputable brand on the European CBD market. Founded in 2018 this vision originated in Ireland and later became reality in the form of Dr. Hemp Me CBD serving Ireland, the UK and most of Europe. Today we bring this vision to the island of Malta, where the CBD industry is just beginning!

Brian, the founder of Dr. Hemp Me®, identified a need in the CBD market for an open and honest brand of CBD supplements. Brian found it challenging to distinguish between quality CBD products and those that fell short when he first started taking CBD.

For this reason, he chose to look into the true quality of CBD oils on the market back in 2017/ 2018 by submitting a product he bought for testing. The results of this test verified the inferior standard of Cannabidiol on sale in the industry and led him to form his own high-quality CBD Oil formula.

The Dr. Hemp Me CBD brand continues to grow today on a foundation of trust and transparency. The processes we employ to guarantee the source and quality of our products are second to none in the CBD industry. Our commitment to providing the best CBD formulation in Europe and our dedication to product testing are what propels Dr. Hemp Me forward.

Our Proof

Extensive laboratory testing is our proof of quality products and sourcing for customers. We test not one, not two, but three ways for each batch of CBD! These tests include testing for cannabinoid content, metals, chemicals, and pesticides.

Cannabinoids Test – testing for cannabinoid content means the customer can see exactly what their oil or product is made up of. You never have to wonder if the potency listed on the product label is true or skewed as we can provide results of the level of each cannabinoid in your product.

Metals Test – testing for metals is not done by all CBD brands, in fact we are one of the few companies who choose to test our products for metals that can contaminate a food supplement. View our verified reports for metals on each product page!

Chemicals & Pesticides – testing for chemicals and pesticides is extremely important to guarantee organic status for our Cannabidiol. This test is the final step in building trust with our customers. This test is not common practice in the CBD industry so here we aim to set the standard for other brands to follow suit.

Dr. Hemp Me’s Mission

The mission of Dr. Hemp Me is to form the most trusted company for Cannabidiol Supplements in Europe.

Our team follows tried and tested processes to maintain the transparency of our brand. The people who choose Dr. Hemp Me as their CBD provider are at the centre of the decisions and choices, we make every day. This way, consumers can count on consistently high-quality Cannabidiol in every product.

We are one of the few brands in the CBD industry who make product testing a priority. As the CBD market is largely unregulated in terms of sourcing and testing, many companies avoid the extra work that goes into maintaining a high standard of CBD Oil. Maltese customers are guaranteed repeat product testing, not one, but three ways!

Dr. Hemp Me CBD products now come with unique QR codes on every label. These codes are there to scan and view the relevant product test results. Get instant access to our test results & waste no time in trying Dr. Hemp Me CBD!

Product Sourcing

The high standard of our laboratory test results can only come from sourcing the best hemp extract. Our hemp plant extract is derived from organic hemp farms in Poland, farms that we trust.

As all testing reports show, quality cannabinoids are extracted from hemp using C02 critical extraction. We believe this is the most effective way to extract from the hemp plant and our customer testimonials support this belief!

We manufacture our products in HAACP & GMP approved laboratories to guarantee clean, and safe hemp extract in every item.

Dr. Hemp Me’s Vision

One day we hope to see the entire CBD industry be held to the same standards of EU excellence. Our vision is to set the standard for testing in a market that we hope is one day regulated by local government bodies.

This would mean that all CBD brands would be required to put their products through additional testing for metals, chemicals and pesticides. Currently this is not a requirement and brands have a choice whether to test for more than just cannabinoids. 

A regulatory approach like this would ensure that all CBD, regardless of brand, is produced in a safe and hygienic setting, with thorough product testing.

Dr. Hemp Me CBD Oil Malta

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Address: Sliema, Malta

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