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CBG Oil 5%

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  • Full-Spectrum CBG
  • Vegan Formula
  • Gluten Free
  • Lab Tested

500mg of CBG cannabinoids in a full-spectrum formula – 10ml tincture size.

We combine 500mg of CBG cannabinoids with organic hemp seed oil to create this low-strength beginner’s tincture. 5% CBG Oils is suitable for the newest members to the CBG supplement scene.

User’s can choose to combine this CBG product with CBD oil if they wish to tailor their own supplement routine. Alone or in combination with another of our products, 500mg of CBG is a great addition to a balanced food diet.

Dosage: 8 drops daily in one or two doses. Place drops under the tongue and hold for 90 seconds before swallowing the excess product.


Allergen Information

Gluten Free




500mg of CBG


10 mils


Hemp Oil Extract, Hemp Seed Oil

Lab Test



Drop 8 drops under the tongue daily, preferably in one single dose.

This initial dose can be increased by 1 additional drop per week. Use every morning for the first 3 weeks of supplementation to allow a supply of CBG to build up.



Disclaimer – CBG is not recognised as a medicinal product, it is classed as a food supplement only.

We cannot give any medical advice in relation to CBG Oil.


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What is CBG?

CBG is short for Cannabigerol, which is one of many cannabinoids or chemical compounds found in cannabis. We extract CBG from the hemp variety of cannabis to create CBG Oil products for daily use.

What is Full-Spectrum CBG Oil?

Full-Spectrum is also known as whole plant hemp extract. This means that Full-Spectrum CBG Oil refers to oil made using the whole spectrum of cannabinoids found in hemp. During extraction we do not eliminate any cannabinoids including trace levels of THC in this form of supplement. Our CBG oil is made with primarily CBG cannabinoids and small amounts of all others including CBGa, CBD, CBN and more.

Which one is more popular - CBG or CBD?

The choice depends on person and sometimes their reason for using hemp supplements but overall as CBD has been on the market much longer, it is more popular with people. CBG however is certainly gaining fans as many opt to try supplementing with this lesser-known cannabinoid.

How long does delivery take in Malta?

We have a base on the island and so once your order is placed before 12.30 we can ship it out the same day. This means you will receive it the following day.

What is the cost of CBG Oil?

Our 5% (mild) concentration is just €32.95. This tincture is 10ml in size with 200 drops per bottle.

What is the ideal dose for Cannabigerol?

This tincture requires a dose of 8 drops per day to start with. This dose can be increased on a weekly basis if you feel you need more. Of course as the % concentration increases each drop becomes more potent. So, our 10% CBG oil requires less drops, 5 per day to start.


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