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”CBD balm is helping me a lot with muscles pain and headache”

As i entered to menopause 3 years ago, my life changed. Pain in muscles, headaches, hotflashes, insomnia, …
I tried tablets that GP subscribe me, but that caused new problems with stomach acid.
I found Dr.Hemp online and did tests. Their Web chat support helped me a lot with suggestions. Even they advised lower %, I decided to go with 30% and only 2 drops a day, and I recived a CBD balm for muscles for FREE.
I am happy to say that insomnia has gone, CBD balm is helping me a lot with muscles pain and headache, my life is coming to normal.
It is not a “”magic”” oil to help you immediately, but with consistency you will feel huge difference.



“The balm really helps with stiffness”

I am testing new options to manage my chronic pain, and this oil is a blessing. I take it 3 to 4 times a day, and it helps to manage stiffness, pain and anxiety. I strongly recommend it for those who live with the same body and mind problems as me. The balm really helps with stiffness and my many trigger points, helps to relax during my working time and before gym. Love it.



“Dr Hemp ME CBD products have helped me enjoy life as intended”

“Dr Hemp ME CBD products have helped me enjoy life as itended without the constant chronic pain that had a negative effect on me mentally and physically. Pain changes how we react towards others and since starting Dr Hemp Me balm and CBD oil, i feel so much lighter. It did take me a few weeks of deliberating, but i found the Dr Hemp Me team supportive and my regular doctors are also encouraging.
Although I am using this intervention for sciatic pain, it has helped with my blood pressure and my anxiety.”



“Customer service brilliant”

Customer service brilliant. I have been using Dr. Hemp Me products for more than a year so it’s speaking for itself.



“I would highly recommend Dr Hemp Me.”

I would highly recommend Dr Hemp Me. Customer service is A1.
I am feeling better since taking the CBD oil full spectrum and joint and muscle cream. I took advantage of the Black Friday deal so I am well stocked up with oil, paste and joint cream to continue with this treatment. Thank you Dr Hemp Me and the team.




Delivery was in two days considering I ordered at the weekend which was great, I purchased the oil and the lotion which is of great quality and as someone who suffers bad with there knees after a long day the relief and feeling on my knees is amazing. Highly recommend.

David Kavanagh
hemp full of cannbinoids for research



Experience Ireland’s strongest CBD with Dr. Hemp Me’s 30% CBD Oil Recovery package. A potent full-spectrum formula paired with a free CBD Balm for enhanced wellness.


Our Recovery CBD package, priced at €148.99, offers exceptional value when compared to other products in the market, and here’s why:

  1. Premium Quality and High Concentration: Our product contains a high 30% concentration of CBD oil, providing potent benefits that are often more effective than lower-concentration alternatives. This higher concentration means you may need less product over time, offering better long-term value.

  2. Bonus Product – Free CBD Tiger Balm: We include a free CBD Tiger Balm with every purchase. This means you’re getting two premium products for the price of one, significantly enhancing the value of your purchase.

  3. Educational Insight on Benefits and Effectiveness: We provide detailed information about the specific benefits of our product, supported by customer testimonials, case studies, and scientific research. This helps you understand exactly what you’re getting and how it can aid in your recovery. See Cannarchives

  4. Competitive Edge: When compared with similar products, ours stands out for its quality, concentration, and additional benefits. CBD oil is completely natural and has no toxicity unlike many over the counter pain medications. We encourage you to compare and see the difference in what we offer.

  5. 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee: We are so confident in our product’s effectiveness that we offer a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. This removes any financial risk from your decision to try our premium product.

  6. Exclusive Discounts for New Customers: New customers receive 10% off their first order when they sign up for our newsletter. Additionally, completing our product quiz grants a 15% discount, making your initial purchase even more affordable.

In summary, while the upfront cost of our Recovery CBD package might be higher than some alternatives, the overall value is unmatched. You’re investing in a high-quality, effective product with added bonuses and financial safeguards that ensure you’re getting the best for your money.

Our 30% CBD oil contains a substantial 3000mg of CBD, which translates to substantial potency and efficacy. Here’s a breakdown of how this reflects in cost per dose efficiency:

  1. Concentration and Dosage: Each drop of our CBD oil contains 15mg of CBD. We recommend a daily dose of 45mg, which equates to just three drops per day.

  2. Duration and Usage: Given the concentration, a single bottle offers a substantial amount of doses. Specifically, with a daily dosage of 45mg, one bottle will last you approximately 66 days. This is based on the total CBD content of 3000mg divided by the daily dose.

  3. Cost Efficiency Over Time: When you consider the duration one bottle lasts, the initial investment becomes more economical over time. You’re purchasing a product that not only delivers high potency but also lasts longer, reducing the need for frequent re-purchases.

  4. Added Value of CBD Tiger Balm: Additionally, the package includes a 15ml container of CBD Tiger Balm containing 1000mg of CBD. This is an added bonus that enhances the overall value of your purchase. The Tiger Balm can be used in conjunction with the oil or on its own, offering additional, targeted relief.

  5. Comparing Long-term Savings: When you compare the cost per dose of our product with other options, consider both the quantity and quality of CBD you’re receiving. A higher initial price is offset by the extended duration of the product and the additional Tiger Balm, which means less frequent purchases and potentially more effective relief.

In summary, while our Recovery CBD package may have a higher upfront cost, the high concentration of CBD in both the oil and the Tiger Balm, combined with the efficient usage rate, results in significant long-term savings. It’s an investment in a quality product that offers extended use and effective results, providing real value for money over time.

We understand that when it comes to pain relief products, the quality, purity, and consistency of the formulation are of utmost importance. Here’s how we ensure these standards in our products:

  1. Third-Party Lab Testing: To guarantee the highest standards of quality and safety, our products undergo rigorous testing by independent, third-party laboratories. These tests include comprehensive screenings for metals, chemicals, and pesticides, ensuring that our products are free from harmful contaminants.

  2. Transparency of Lab Results: We believe in complete transparency. That’s why we make all our up-to-date lab test results readily available to our customers. You can access these detailed reports on our website, providing you with the assurance of the purity and safety of our products.

  3. Consistency in Formulation: Our commitment to consistency means that every batch of our product meets the same high standards. We use carefully controlled processes to ensure that each bottle of our CBD oil and every container of our CBD Tiger Balm is consistent in terms of concentration and efficacy. This means you can expect the same level of quality and relief with every use.

  4. Quality Ingredients: We source only the highest quality ingredients for our products. Our CBD is extracted from organically grown hemp, ensuring a pure and potent product. We avoid the use of unnecessary additives, keeping our formulations as natural as possible.

  5. Manufacturing Standards: Our production facilities adhere to strict manufacturing practices. We ensure that every stage of the production process, from extraction to packaging, meets the highest industry standards. This dedication to quality manufacturing helps maintain the integrity and efficacy of our products.

  6. Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continuous improvement and regularly review our processes and products based on the latest research and customer feedback. This approach ensures that we are always providing products that are not only safe and pure but also at the forefront of effectiveness for pain relief.

We understand that trust must be earned, especially when it comes to products designed for health and well-being. Our rigorous testing, transparent practices, and commitment to quality are all aimed at providing you with the best possible product for your pain relief needs.

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