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Volcano Vaporizer – Hybrid

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Storz & Bickel’s world-famous vaporizers are now available in Malta from Dr. Hemp Me.

We stock the newer Hybrid model of the famous Volcano Vaporizer – made in Germany.

Volcanic Hybrid Heating System

The Volcano Hybrid has a unique convection heating system that sends air over the vapour path using a 100-watt heater. The heat enhances the flavour of your dry herb without worrying about it combusting. 

You will notice how the Volcano Hybrid creates a smooth vapour with pleasant tastes and fragrances because it uses convection heat rather than conduction. The volcanic heating system reaches the ideal temperature in 60 to 120 seconds. 

Balloon or Tube Inhaling System

The desktop heating system comes with a hybrid inhalation system which is perfect for vaping herbs. Users can choose their preferred method, either balloon or tube kit. To use the balloon method, the built-in air pump inflates the balloon. The tube style vaporizing system uses the heating chamber for quick delivery with a silent draw that enhances the flavour. 

Precision LED Controls

The Volcano Hybrid has user-friendly, large-display controls for precise temperatures. The LED screen shows the temperature and the heating status. You can set the temperature between 40 °C and 230 °C for your choice of dry-herb flavour. If you prefer, you can control the vaporizer from the phone app or on the unit itself. 

What’s In the Box

The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer comes with several components. It comes with a power cord, tube kit, herb mill, air filter, grinder and an instruction manual. It also comes with three Easy Valve Balloons with mouthpieces as well as an Easy Valve Balloon with an adaptor.

The volcano filling chamber includes a cap ring, screen set, and cleaning brush. It also comes with a detailed instruction manual in case you are unsure how to work the features of the vaporizer. 

Storz & Bickel offer a warranty no matter where you bought your vaporizer. To register for the warranty please click on the link.


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