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Xylitol 750g – Sugar Alternative / Sweetener

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You get the sweetness of sugar with OstroVit Xylitol without any of the guilt. You can use this Xylitol supplement in place of sucrose or regular white sugar.

OstroVit Xylitol is for you if you want to reduce your sugar intake or if you have diabetes and need a natural, healthier option.

Serving Max 15g per day (3 tsp)
Ingredients 100% xylitol sweetener
Volume 750g
Allergen Information Vegan

A natural type of alcohol called xylitol is also present in vegetables, fruit, and the bark of birch trees. Similar to white sugar, it has a white, crystalline solid state but is colourless in its chemical state. It has the same sweetness as sucrose but fewer calories.

Even better, xylitol doesn’t spike insulin levels when ingested by diabetics because it has a naturally low GI (glycemic index) level.

Advantages of Xylitol

This supplement helps the body in numerous ways, one of which is by supporting calcium absorption and bone metabolism. Additionally, digestion, immunological support, and oral hygiene are listed as additional health benefits in research studies.

We all know that traditional white sugar is bad for our teeth. On the other hand, xylitol has the same “anti-caries” action as fluoride, which is a common ingredient in toothpaste. By adding this sugar alternative to your coffee, tea, or oatmeal every day, you can truly be guilt-free knowing that it helps prevent teeth decay and cavities.

Where Can I Find Xylitol?

We only sell the highest-quality health food supplements available on the European market. Due to their premium components and established track record in the health supplement industry, OstroVit is our preferred brand of xylitol.

The packet costs extremely little and includes 750mg of Xylitol. This supplement is 100% natural and of the highest calibre. It is made from the bark of Finnish Birch trees.

Supplement Disclaimer

No illness is intended to be treated or cured by this product. Children, nursing mothers, and pregnant women should not use it. Before including a new supplement in your diet, always get professional advice from a doctor or pharmacist. Always read the product label and check ingredients before consumption.


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