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Vitamin D3 Capsules with K2

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You get 90 capsules of Vitamin D3 plus the addition of K2 in this supplement. An excellent value choice for adding a vitamin D3 supplement as part of a healthy diet.

Serving 1 capsule per day
Ingredients Vitamin K, Vitamin D
Volume 90 capsules
Allergen Information Vegan

So how do we usually get Vitamin D? The body responds to solar exposure on the skin by producing vitamin D. Additionally, it can be found in a variety of foods such oily fish, red meat, egg yolks, and foods that have been fortified. If you are in need of extra vitamin D in your diet then this supplement is a great option for you!

Why is Vitamin D important?

The human body uses vitamin D to regulate and effectively absorb calcium and phosphate. In turn, this promotes the health of the bones, teeth, and immune system. The health of your muscles and bones as well as your immunity may be impacted if you do not consume enough vitamin D each day.

Vegans may need more vitamin D in their diet than people who eat a diet heavy in meat or fish due to the relationship between food sources of vitamin D and animal products. It may also be necessary for some people to take vitamin D supplements during the winter months when persons in cold or mild/wet areas spend more time indoors.

What are K Vitamins Good for?

Vitamin K2 is a member of the Vitamin K family and is responsible for bone health, blood coagulation and heart health too. These capsules combine the benefits of Vitamin D and Vitamin K to provide the user with an excellent addition to any balanced diet.

Supplement Disclaimer

It is advised to complete a blood test with a healthcare professional prior to starting a vitamin D3 supplement. This will ensure the levels of this vitamin in your blood are low enough to warrant the addition of this supplement to your diet.

This product is not intended to cure or treat any illness. It is not suitable for use by children, nursing mothers or pregnant women. Do not take this supplement if you are using blood thinners. Always consult a healthcare professional before adding a new supplement to your diet.


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