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Lion’s Mane Mushroom

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The vegan supplement Lion’s Mane from OstroVit contains an extract from the lion’s mane fungus, which may boost cognition, focus, and energy in its user.

The user receives two months’ worth of supplements from the tub of 60 capsules, one capsule every day.

Serving 1 capsule daily with food
Ingredients Lion's mane extract
Volume 60 capsules
Allergen Information Vegan

An ingestible mushroom belonging to the “tooth fungus” family, lions mane. Due to its lengthy, dangling spines that resemble hair, it is given the moniker “Lions Mane.”

This mycelium family member is well-liked in the Far East, but it is becoming more well-liked as a supplement in the West. Lions Mane is a nootropic, meaning it is not a psychedelic. Instead it can stimulate and enhance cognition while also enhancing one’s energy, mood, and memory.

It is well known for having anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective qualities, as well as being a rich source of nutrients like zinc, selenium, and amino acids.

How to Use

One OstroVit Lions Mane Vege pill taken once a day as a supplement, ideally with a meal, is the suggested dosage.

Since Lion’s Mane is edible, you can also incorporate it in its entire form into a healthy diet, but our supplement capsules provide an easy and accessible way to acquire your daily dose of lion’s mane mushroom.

Product Disclaimer

This product is not intended to cure or treat any medical condition. It is not suitable for use by children, nursing mothers or pregnant women. Always consult a healthcare professional before adding a new supplement to your diet. Read the product ingredients before consuming.


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