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Lecithen (Soy) – 70 Capsules

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Dr. Hemp Me provides the top soy lecithin supplement available in capsule form for your convenience. This container of 90 capsules contains 45 servings (2 capsules per serving), all for a terrific price.

Serving 1 capsule daily with food
Ingredients Soy lecithen
Volume 70 capsules
Allergen Information Contains Gelatin & Soy

The human body has a substance called soy lecithin that helps to create cell membranes. Due to this compound’s crucial function, many people attempt to supplement it in their diets because it can be challenging to get enough of it through food alone.

This product is vegan because it is made from soybeans. Lecithin was originally extracted from food products for dietary supplementation using egg yolks, however lecithin production has changed since then.


Here we offer OstroVit capsules, the very best soy lecithin available in Europe. Take one capsule daily, preferably with food for a two month supply.

What is the Benefit of Lecithin?

Those with health issues that impact the nervous system or memory are both women and men who frequently take soy lecithin supplements. Circulatory problems can also be a factor in someone’s decision to take this supplement, in addition to regulating cholesterol.

Product Disclaimer

This supplement is not sold with the intention of curing or treating any medical condition. It is not suitable for use by children, nursing mothers or pregnant women. Always consult a healthcare professional before adding a new supplement to your diet. Always read the product label before use.


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