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Glucosamine – 90 Capsules

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Glucosamine is a popular food supplement in capsules form designed to support the body’s tissues, muscles, and bones.

One of the most bioavailable forms of its kind on the market for dietary supplements is this pure form of glucosamine.

Serving 1 capsule daily before food
Ingredients Glucosamine
Volume 90 capsules
Allergen Information Made from crustaceans

An amino sugar or molecule called glucosamine is present in the tough tissue of our bodies. This sugar is one of the chemicals that builds cartilage and other muscle parts like ligaments and tendons, and it is found in the cartilage that surrounds our joints.

It can also be present in animals, seafood, and even mushrooms in addition to people. Glucosamine is most frequently obtained from the shells of shellfish in supplement form. The crustacean shells used to make OstroVit Supreme Pure Glucosamine.

How to Use

One tablet per day to be taken before your first meal. Those using Glucosamine to support training in the gym or elsewhere choose to take this supplement before working out. Each tub of tablets contains 90 portions, giving you 90 days worth of supplements.

Potential Uses & Benefits

The health and vitality of the cartilage that surrounds the joints can be supported by using this pure form of glucosamine, a sugar that occurs naturally in the body. The soft tissue surrounding the joint deteriorates over time in illnesses like osteoarthritis.

Professional and amateur athletes, as well as individuals who regularly work out in the gym, may decide to use glucosamine supplements to preserve the integrity of their ligaments, tendons, and joint cartilage.

Supplement Disclaimer

No illness or disease is intended to be treated or cured by this product. Children, nursing mothers, and pregnant women should not use it. Before including a new supplement in your diet, always get medical advice from a healthcare professional.


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