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Echinacea Extract – Natural

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A high-quality health supplement for everyday use at home or on the go, Echinacea Extract 50g by OstroVit is available.

You can include this helpful extract in your diet at a very low cost. It is well known for treating colds and flus as well as many other conditions.

Serving 300mg - 1 scoop daily
Ingredients 100% Echinacea extract
Volume 50g (166 servings)
Allergen Information Vegan

This botanical extract, also known as purple coneflower, is native to North America and has long been utilised as a medicine by the Native Americans. The daisy plant variety from which this extract is obtained is known by the name Echinacea.

What Use Does Echinacea Extract Have?

This dietary supplement is renowned for supporting the immune system, particularly the respiratory system of the body. People use this supplement to help prevent the onset of viral infections such as the flu and various colds.

Supplementing with the all-natural Echinacea Extract may be beneficial for people who are prone to getting sick frequently.

How Does the Body React to Echinacea?

Echinacea works in the body by enhancing immune responses and reducing bodily inflammation. Native Americans utilised this botanical extract to mend wounds, treat respiratory infections, and treat and prevent cold and flu symptoms.

How to Take it

It’s simple to incorporate this powder supplement into your diet every day. Simply measure 1 scoop of the supplement using the included measuring cup, then stir it into a glass of water or juice. The suggested dose is one 300mg dosing daily.

Purple coneflower is available from Tiger Vit, where we also carry OstroVit’s inexpensive, high-quality health supplements.


No illness or disease is intended to be treated or cured by this product. Children, nursing mothers, and pregnant women should not use it. Before including a new supplement in your diet, always get medical advice from a professional. Read ingredients carefully before ingesting.


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