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  • Full-Spectrum CBD
  • Contains Gelatin
  • Gluten-Freepain and anxiety
  • Laboratory Tested
  • 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Soft-Gel Capsules each with 25mg of Full-Spectrum CBD – 30 supplements.

Potency 25mg CBD in each
Ingredients MCT Oil, hemp extract, gelatine capsule shell.
Volume 30 Capsules
Laboratory TestYes
Allergen Information Contains Gelatine



Want a potent CBD supplement without any effort or earthy taste? We bring you our CBD Soft-Gel Capsules! Just like vitamins these capsules can be taken daily as part of a balanced food diet.

The most simple way to add CBD to your diet is through our potent capsules. These do not need to be chewed but simply swallowed with a quick drink of water. Start your day off right with Dr. Hemp Me capsules, getting 25mg in each single serving.

Full-spectrum, tasteless and mess-free there is no reason to not try our simplest Cannabidiol supplement yet!

Dosage: Swallow one capsule whole with water every day. Increase to two capsules over time if you need a more potent dose. Check all ingredients before purchase, this product is not suitable for vegans. Find more information in our FAQs listed below.

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  1. Marta

    Tasteless & easy to use

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Where can I buy CBD Capsules?

Here at DHM Malta we stock one of our customer's favourite products, soft-gel CBD Capsules. These capsules contain 25mg of full-spectrum CBD in every one.

How to take Cannabidiol Capsules?

Take 1 capsule and swallow whole with a drink of water. The soft gel outer layer makes these easy to swallow.

CBD Oil or Capsules which is best?

It really depends on your personal needs and preferences! CBD Capsules eliminate the taste of CBD oil which is a natural, earthy hemp flavour. These are also quick to use and come with a controlled dose of 25mg in each. However capsules must go through the digestive process before their CBD content can be released into the body. Oil when taken under the tongue, enters the body much more quickly, bypassing digestion.

What do they do?

CBD works by interacting with our Endocannabinoid System which controls various functions in the body. As a brand of CBD we cannot however promote our products for medicinal use as it is sold only as a dietary supplement. To learn more it is recommended to do some of your own research online about CBD use.

Are these Capsules vegan?

As this product contains gelatin, our capsules are not vegan.

How many should I take per day?

1 capsule is a sufficient dose for most people as it contains 25mg CBD. Some people may choose to take 2 per day to achieve a higher dose of CBD.

What does Full-spectrum mean?

This term refers to the whole plant being used to create the supplement. All cannabinoids present in hemp are therefore found in these capsules with the primary one being CBD. Results of laboratory tests are available with levels of cannabinoids verified.

Can these be used for muscle movement and inflammation relief?

We cannot give medical advice or claim our products have any health benefits or effects. Capsules are sold as dietary supplements only. Research online is recommended for new customers.

What price are Cannabidiol supplements?

Price varies from product to product and in the case of capsules the cost is €59.95 for 30 supplements. This gives the user a one month supply with 25mg CBD in each.

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  1. Marta

    Tasteless & easy to use

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